There is a person I know who’s politeness is second to none. One day he went to greet an elderly neighbor but got scolded because of his remark. He wanted to wish the old man a healthy and long life, but he said, “Grandfather, I hope you live a long long time until you are 100”, and the old man was outraged for he was 99 years old. How angry must he have been after being told to live only one more year?

In the 21st century, having people live past 100 years of age is slowly becoming a natural occurrence and many scientists agree with this. Some people even say that 50 is young, 70 is middle aged and 90 is elderly. Even among people that we know, there are those who are way past 80, almost 90 and are still able to take care of themselves.

To receive longevity you must be diligent in taking care of your body and mind. Just as taking good care of your car will allow it to be driven for many miles, People must take care of their bodies with exercise and a healthy diet to live a long time. Therefore I believe that having one or two Health Supplementary products that are healthy for your body close by will help in attaining our goals for a long healthy life.

Assisting those people to become 100 years old or more will be my goal and
I will work hard to have you attain that goal.

James Park / CEO

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